The proposed development at Ta’ Masrija Mellieha should be refused

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party said that the proposed
development in Ta’ Masrija, Mellieha, should be refused as it violates
public policy on alternative energy use.

Carmel Cacopardo, AD Spokesman on Sustainable Development and Home Affairs
has presented submissions to MEPA after the Environment Planning Statement
relative to the Ta’ Masrija Development in Mellieha was amended to reflect
the amended drawings submitted by the developers.

The submissions refer to applications PA2761/06, PA1927/06, PA1302/06. In
its submissions AD stated that:

“Through the application of the Floor Area Ratio the new submissions in
respect of the above three applications will create overshadowing on
existing residences which have been developed within the existing height

This will reduce substantially the possibility of making use of appropriate
installations on the rooftops of the said dwellings to capture sunlight for
heating water through solar water heaters as well as to generate
electricity through photovoltaic panels.

This runs counter to current public policy which seeks to encourage the
reduction of Malta’s carbon footprint through utilisation of alternative
energy sources.

By reducing the potential of residences in the area to utilise direct
sunlight the proposal for development as per applications PA2761/06,
PA1927/06, PA1302/06 will increase the dependence of the said residences on
energy generated through fossil fuels and consequently their energy bills.
This will as a result reduce the value of the said property and transfer
the said reduction in value to the new development.

In addition the proposed development will increase substantially light
pollution in the area which lies on the periphery of the development zone.”

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said: “If MEPA is to be taken seriously
on its environmental credentials it should refuse the proposed
applications. Development which reduces the possibility for alternative
energy use is unsustainable and should be refused outright”.