Our Local Council Priorities

1. Society

ADPD councillors will work for more investment in public libraries and for cooperation with schools and local organisations to encourage reading in their locality. They will work to protect open spaces and give priority in residential roads to people, to increase the accessibility and road safety. Work to promote road spaces and facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, the elderly, persons with disabilities and parents with young children. Green councillors want to reclaim the streets. Work to increase the sense of community and cooperate with local organisations to organise cultural activities, educational and sports events. Green councillors will work to promote places of historical interest in their locality through publications or informational signs and promote their restoration and reuse. The guiding principle for ADPD councillors is the common good and the building of a sense of community.

2. Ecology

The health and quality of life of residents depend on the quality of the urban environment. Green councillors will work for more native trees to be planted in streets, public land, and gardens and for the planting of new tree groves where possible. Where possible, ADPD councillors will work to increase the areas reserved for people through pedestrianisation, ensuring cleaner air. It is a known fact that trees in urban areas help clean the air, reduce traffic noise and reduce the effects of heat in the summer. Increase the number of bicycle racks around the locality. Green councillors will work to increase recycling through information campaigns and insistence on enforcement. They will work to extend the recycling to other material for reuse or recycling, such as clothes. Green councillors will work to introduce the concept of free cycling. Green councillors will work to towards reaching the national target of zero waste in 2050, by promoting a local plan on waste reduction. They will work so that the council’s facilities and buildings use clean energy and means of water conservation are introduced. ADPD councillors will lobby to stop unfettered construction in our towns and villages and in the remaining countryside. They are against any extension of the development zones. The guiding principle for ADPD councillors is that a clean environment means a better quality of life and a healthier community.

3. Accountability

ADPD councillors commit themselves to communicate clearly and honestly with residents, they will say things as they are. Insist on financial responsibility, and insist that their council does not engage in works or projects which are financially unsustainable, such as the public-private partnership for roads which led to the financial ruin of quite a number of councils. Green councillors will maintain contact with residents through social media, personal contact and work to keep residents informed of what is happening in the locality. The guiding principle for ADPD councillors is that transparency and financial accountability strengthens democracy.