1. Social Justice

We believe that there cannot be progress without social equality, responsibility and sustainability.  Referring to the Social Europe model, Malta should strengthen its welfare state system to guarantee inclusion in the labour market and a decent standard of living to all. We believe in decent and accessible public services such as public transport, housing, inclusive education, public health and safety in our localities. These requirements need sustainable financing and progressive taxation systems.

2. Civil rights

We believe in a truly democratic, secular and progressive society where diversity is celebrated and protected within a context of pluralism, reciprocal respect and civil liberties. We oppose all forms of discrimination irrespective of one’s gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion or belief, race or ethnicity, or any other status, and strongly believe that equality should be mainstreamed in all social policies. Malta needs to honour its human rights obligations at all times. We will therefore work to strengthen the freedom of the press and the modernisation of censorship laws..

3.Environmental justice

We believe that ecology is a holistic chain and therefore we support sustainable development, the protection of the environment and animal welfare and rights.  The struggle to save the planet from climate change is perhaps the biggest challenge that humanity has ever had to face.  We should ensure that human society does not move towards self destruction and to the destruction of species in the process. We are also actively involved in the struggles of local communities to defend their quality of life against overdevelopment.

4. Sustainable Development and Ecological Modernisation

The vision of the Greens, that of the Green New Deal, holds that the various crises in global society are opportunities through which a sustainable society can be created. This requires a shift towards holistic policy that incorporates economic, environmental and social priorities. In the process, green jobs can be created in sectors such as tourism, renewable and clean energy, waste management, research and the production of food. Such jobs should be characterised by decent pay and work conditions.

5. Democracy

ADPD believes in a participative and pluralistic democracy based on  the rule of law, subsidiarity, adequate checks and balances to ensure a separation between constitutional powers and legal safeguards which serve as effective deterrents against corruption and the dominance of economic interests and egoistic lobby groups. This requires clear rules regulating party financing, electoral reform, greater autonomy of the judiciary from government, clear distinction between the state and political parties and complete separation between state and church. In a world marked by globalisation democracy can only be safeguarded through more integration and the strengthening of the EU’s democratic and representative structures.