Munxar and Xlendi residents deserve good governance

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party said that residents of Munxar
and Xlendi deserve good governance in matters related to their quality of

Michael A. Bajada, AD candidate for Munxar and Xlendi, said: “The last
local election result and support gave me more courage to contest again.
Since then I was always active politically at local level, with regards to
the playing field, the church square projects and the environment of our

Michael A.Bajada added that “If elected, one of my proposals would be to
post an English version of the Local Council’s meetings minutes on the web
for the benefit of informing the ever increasing number of foreign
residents. My work as a local councilor will focus on the safeguarding of
the historical and cultural heritage of our town, the environment of our
locality and on strong investment in alternative energy for our community.
I will support initiatives of social nature like day Care Centres for
children and senior citizens. Also I will do my utmost to ensure good
governance and that the Munxar Local Council implements what it promises
and acts in the best interests of Munxar and Xlendi residents. My appeal to
all the residents of Munxar and Xlendi is that on the 10th March 2012 to
vote for the real change and vote for me on the greens ticket.”

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said: “Michael Bajada did not get
elected in the last Munxar local elections just for two votes. His 12%
result was magnificent, and we are confident that he will be elected this
time around. AD’s appeal to voters is to use their vote rather than wasting
it. The election of green candidates will ensure that residents, both
Maltese and foreign, who want their quality of life safeguarded, will have
a legitimate voice in their local council”.

Carmel Cacopardo, AD Spokesman on Sustainable Development and Home Affairs
added that Michael Bajada will be an asset to the Munxar Local Council. His
knowledge of environmental issues will contribute to making the Munxar
Local Council relevant and effective in defending the rightrs of the Munxar
and Xlendi community against the impacts of overdevelopment