No to Austerity Greece

The austerity model has failed

No to Austerity Greece

“No to Austerity, debts cannot be paid: give Greeks breathing space”, says AD.

AD Chairperson, Prof. Arnold Cassola, said: “The Greek people have decided NO and their will must be respected.  As things stand, the Greek people will never be able to repay their loans.

At this stage, therefore, what the EU and the International institutions must now do is to facilitate all ways and means for the Greek people to get back on the road to decent living, in respect of full dignity, ensuring that pensions are paid, jobs are created and people are given breathing space to allow them to rebuild the economy.

The austerity model has fully failed. The international community must move towards more sustainable economic models which allow for growth without stifling people’ s rights to dignity and to a decent quality of life”