Government should respect Birds’ Directive

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party condemns the government for
not respecting the EU Birds Directive and opening spring hunting for
yet another time.

Simon Galea, AD Spokesperson on Agriculture and Animal Welfare said:
“Irrespective of all the empty rhetoric statements of sustainability,
the Maltese government goes counter to what it preaches by allowing
one of the most unsustainable practices in environmental protection –
spring hunting.”

“As happened in the past it is not only turtle doves and quails which
are gunned down on their way to breed but also other protected
species. Time has proved that derogation conditions set by the same
government cannot be held due to various factors including a number of
irresponsible hunters and also an enforcement mechanism which does not
match its needs. Instead, the government continues to assume such a
responsibility of allowing spring hunting at the risk of facing hefty
EU fines which will have to be paid from the tax payer’s pocket.
Although 8 years went by since joining the EU, Malta is still
resisting abiding with the Birds Directive.”

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson said: “While AD always stuck to a
clear position against spring hunting, both PN and PL tried to
accommodate the hunting lobby at all costs. It is a shame that a PN
led government is permitting such a practice while the PL is not
making its intentions clear. After all spring hunting is definitely
not what the Maltese electorate voted for in the EU accession