Dalli has a duty of full disclosure: Malta's reputation is at stake

Arnold Cassola

In view of the front page story on the International Herald Tribune regarding alleged money dealings in Bahamas, involving scores of millions of dollars, on the part of former Commissioner John Dalli, Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson Prof. Arnold Cassola said: “John Dalli must come clean and stop hiding behind confidentiality. In whose name was he acting in Bahamas? Why did his familly rent an 8000 dollar a month villa there for three months? We need quick answers to this since Malta’s reputation is at stake. John Dalli has the duty of full disclosure of the facts in the interest of Malta’s reputation, irrespective of the course of action of OLAF”.

“Malta’s name and reputation were smeared last October when the ‘Snus’ issue came up. OLAF and Giovanni Kessler’s bungling in the process have not helped at all. Now Malta’s name is being smeared again and splashed the world over with the International Herald Tribune allegations. We need to know the real facts and to clear our country’s name, even more so now that John Dalli is a special consultant for Malta’s Prime Minister”, concluded Prof. Cassola.