Civic pride should guide local councillors

In reaction to news on certain local councillors who are being accused of
misusing EU funds, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party called for a
stronger sense of civic pride in local councils, and for less short-sighted
personal interests.

Prof. Arnold Cassola, Alternattiva Demokratika Spokesperson on EU and
International Affairs, stated: “It is shameful that Maltese local
councillors, who are acting at local level, are being accused of embezzling
European funds. Our country’s good name must not and cannot be smeared at
European level because of the behaviour of these irresponsible politicians
who have absolutely no idea of what the common good is all about. The PN
and the PL have teamed up together for over two years to keep this affair
all hushed up. The Maltese people are now waiting for Prime Minister Gonzi
and Opposition leader Joseph Muscat to take strong and decisive action
against those who have abused of the people’s trust, which include a high
official of the PN’s ELCOM team and the former personal secretary of Joseph

Carmel Cacopardo AD spokesman on Sustainable Development and Home Affairs,
said: “Whilst affirming that the accused are innocent until proven
otherwise it is to be pointed out that the whole leadership of the Local
Councils Assoiation is being accused of fraud. This is additional to the
case of the former Sliema Mayor being criminally charged with corruption.
AD considers that it is essential that the untainted officials of the
Local Council Association take over the running of the Association until
the Courts decide on the criminal charges which the Local Councillors are
accused of”.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson said: “In the forthcoming local council
elections, voters have the opportunity to vote for candidates who do not
use local councils for short-sighted personal
interests. AD’s candidates are committed to avoid such petty politics, and,
as local councillors, will work with other councillors with a sense of
civic pride. If one wants change, one should vote for it”.