Childcarers deserve better working conditions – AD


Since the issue of childcarers’ working conditions was highlighted by the teachers’ union, a number of childcarers and parents have contacted Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party expressing their concern that childcarers are seeking better jobs elswhere, possibly leading to a shortage unless vacancies are filled in at public childcare centres.

AD spokesperson on education Mario Mallia said:”Forward looking entrepreneurs and cooperatives in the private sector were protagonists in the development of childcare during the past years. Government’s policy to have universally accessible childcare has been a huge step forward”.

“The next step is to have better working conditions and union representation for childcarers. The high turnover of workers in this sector reflects the very low wages paid. Childcareres have huge responsibilities, as they are key figures in childrens’ development”.

“Childcaring should therefore be treated as a vocation for an essential educational and social service. The State should set the example by increasing wages and guarantee that those wanting to work
on a full-time basis can do so, and also ensuring that the same is done in private childcare facilities, with state assistance if necessary”.