Broadcasting Authority asked to act on unfair broadcasting

Reuben Zammit, Michael Briguglio, Arnold Cassola, Carmel Cacopardo

In a press conference in Marsascala, AD said that it was emerging as the voice of reason in this electoral campaign. AD also presented its candidate for the 3rd District Carmel Cacopardo and its local candidate for Marsaskala, Reuben Zammit.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said: “The current situation on broadcasting has to change. A Broadcasting Authority ruling earlier this week made it clear that in leaders and deputy leaders debates, all political parties should be treated equally. This follows an earlier Broadcasting Authority ruling which states that all political parties should be invited by TVM, Net and One during the electoral campaign. AD expects that these rulings are fully adhered to, and we have asked Broadcasting Authority to investigate accordingly. The BA will next Tuesday hear AD submissions on three protests submitted by AD: one against PBS, and one each against ONE and NET.”

Arnold Cassola, AD spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, said: “In our manifesto we are presenting several proposals for constitutional reforms which should benefit participatory democracy and further pluralism in our country. Apart from our proposed reform of the electoral system, which adds a 2.5% national threshold to the present system, and a law regulating political party financing, we are proposing, amongst
other things, that Members of Parliament are to serve on a full time basis, that the President of the Republic is elected by the 68 mayors of Malta together with the 65 MPs, that Members of the Judiciary and of important National Commissions or Boards are nominated by the President with approval by parliament and that the right of citizens to clean air and water is entrenched in the Maltese constitution”.

Reuben Zammit, AD local candidate in Marsaskala, said:”Despite the explosion of the Marsaskala population in recent times, past government policies and current council apathy have led to a perceptible decline in economic and cultural activity. Gone is the old vibrant community, and instead we are left with a large locality with a seaside resort infrastructure, socially moribund throughout much of the year. Allthe coastline starting from the parish church to the old Jerma is riddled with cafes, take-aways and restaurants closing down on a regular basis, sometimes for months and years before opening again under new management. Overdevelopment and real estate-mongering is not the solution. The new council must develop a healthier, more respectful relationship with the business community, particularly small and family-run businesses. Improving our transport network and road maintenance through pressure or direct intervention would also go a long way towards revitalising our town.”