Approval on extra floors on hotels means more intense development to the detriment of residents’ quality of life

Luke Caruana, contesting on behalf of AD the Mellieħa Local Council today filed an objection against the Panorama Hotel application for 3 additional floors in Mellieħa (PA/10178/18). 

AD Mellieħa Local Council candidate Luke Caruana said: “If approved, the project will give developers an unprecedented excuse to increase extra floors in the surrounding area which is very close to the local parish square. The area is already intensively developed. The streets in the vicinity cannot take any more traffic. It is also unacceptable since the Hotel is surrounded by a residential area and it will obstruct views and access to direct daylight. Mellieħa Residents will stand to lose from this proposed development since it will completely ruin the village skyline.”

The case of the Panorama Hotel in Mellieħa is emblematic of the problems brought about by government policies which favour the few over the interests of the quality of life of the many.