Younger generations care about the environment


Alternattiva Demokratika EP candidates Carmel Cacopardo and Arnold Cassola today visited the NSTF Science Fair at MCAST.

Prof. Cassola congratulated NSTF for the organisation of the Science Fair at MCAST.  Malta is in dire need of students taking up science subjects and mathematics at post-secondary level to be able to work in new and innovative enterprises. The Science Fair is a showcase for the talent of our youngsters, and a veritable encouragement to others to take up the initiative  and dedicate themselves to research and innovation , in the field of science, technology and IT.

Carmel Cacopardo said that on meeting students at the Science Fair it is clear that the younger generation is eager to learn to understand better our surroundings. It is also a generation which cares. This is a very positive indication for the future.

Malta needs people who understand the importance of resource efficiency and of moving towards what Greens call ‘A Green New Deal’. This economic policy is based on reducing our carbon footprint and improving our quality of life.

Ralph Cassar, AD spokesperson on Energy, Industry and Transport said:”AD together with the European Greens speak of the need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels to increase the economic stability of both Malta and the European Union in general. It is only through education, and particularly in the fields of science and technology that we can move to a more sustainable society and a better quality of life for all.”