ADPD Supports Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament resolution on the Israel-Palestine war

ADPD welcomes the spirit of compromise of the European Parliament resolution on the war in Israel-Palestine that was voted on yesterday evening in Strasbourg. With 500 votes in favour of the resolution, it is remarkable to see this unity amongst all political groups in the Parliament. This is especially significant since the first statements from the EU with regards the escalating conflict in Israel-Palestine – particularly various actors of the European Commission, and the European Parliament President – were contradictory. 

Mina Jack Tolu, ADPD Deputy Chair and Candidate for the European Parliament elections 2024, comments “Unfortunately the joint resolution does not go far enough, which is why ADPD refers to the Greens/EFA group resolution on Israel-Palestine, which we fully support as it more comprehensively represents the current status of conflict. We also note that, thanks to negotiations from the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament, the final joint resolution also justly reflects the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza, stressing that the EU must continue to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

ADPD strongly condemns the terrorist attacks by terrorist organisation Hamas against Israel and its people. This has caused over 1000 deaths and amount to war crimes. Israeli army’s bombing of Gaza accounts to disproportionate action. To date this bombing has caused over 2600 deaths, wounded over 10000 people and displaced a million people. It is imperative that the Israeli Government stop this attack on Gaza. The full siege of Gaza by the Israeli Defence Force amount to war crimes.

There are no justifications for war crimes, there are no justifications for disproportionate actions – all responsible must be held accountable. We express our full solidarity with all victims and their families. It is also high time that Palestinians are given hope after years of occupation and oppression and a viable Palestinian State finally becomes a reality. “

For reference: Greens/EFA resolution:

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