AD comments on current political situation and on Paceville development and community rights

In a press conference in Paceville, St Julians, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party commented on the current political situation and on the rights of Paceville and St Julians residents with respect to development in the area.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said:“The Nationalist Party’s most recent decisions will only deepen the current parliamentary crisis. Following Franco Debono’s most recent parliamentary abstention, the country will keep on guessing regarding his next move. This will not be solved through the Nationalist Party’s decisions on parliamentary sittings and on its leadership contest. What is required is a general election and national consensus to adopt electoral reforms that guarantee true pluralism. The current crisis results from a two-party system based on coalitions of individuals, rather than coalitions of parties. A coalition of political parties will be based on joint programmes, on dialogue and on reform, as is the norm in advanced democracies such as those in the EU”.

Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer, candidate for St Julians Local Council and AD deputy chairperson, said: “Even though Malta is facing a precarious political situation, this should not alienate us from day-to-day issues of concern to residents. For example, the proposed embellishment of Paceville is important for tourism and businesses in the area. Alternattiva Demokratika is in favour of such projects but one should keep in mind the rights and concerns of residents who live in the area. Some of these residents have been living here long before the area was converted to what it is today. Residents should be properly consulted on such development. One should keep in mind that when Paceville was last embellished, it was characterized by shoddy work and by lack of concern for residents’ rights.”