Welfare cuts to hit most vulnerable groups – AD

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party expressed its
disappointment with Government’s cuts in expenditure on welfare. AD
said that whilst it agrees with sustainable public expenditure, this
should involve progressive revenue measures and not expenditure cuts
that affect the most vulnerable groups.

Angele Deguara, AD Spokesperson on Social Policy, said: “It is sad to
note that the most vulnerable groups in society have to pay for bad
budgeting decisions. When the Government was required to cut down on
its projected costs by the EU, it was decided that 1.4 million euros
would be deducted from the family budget allocation. This cut which
will affect welfare agencies Appogg, Sapport and Sedqa, organisations
which are already stretched to the limit both in terms of funds, work
load and lack of existing support structures which would make their
efforts more effective.”

“Agencies which deal with hundreds of vulnerable persons, families and
especially children who face serious disadvantages and whose life
involves one trauma after another should never be deprived of funds
which can help make their life better.”

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson and spokesperson for Economy and
Finance said: “AD agrees that public finance should be sustainable,
but expenditure cuts should target wasteful expenditure. Besides, we
believe that sustainable finance should have proper and progressive
revenue targets, including combating tax evasion, emphasising
progressive income tax and taxing speculative activities such as
taxing vacant property from the third vacant property onwards.”


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