Vote Green, Vote Clean

At the final campaign press conference in Valletta today AD chairperson, Prof. Arnold Cassola, said: “It has been a dirty campaign for PN and PL, with corruption accusations and counter accusations being bandied about every single day, together with promises of unsustainable bonanza tax cuts being made nearly every single day by Dr Muscat and Dr Busuttil.  We have kept out of this mud slinging game.  We have tried to be propositive with reasonable and doable proposals which can better the quality of life and of the democratic environment of the Maltese people, such as a Zero Carbon Malta by 2050, a stop on massive residential projects in those areas where there is a glut of vacant property, the obligation of parliamentary public hearings for all the appointments to authorities or corporations and other sensitive posts.”

“We have addressed real issues that daily impact the most vulnerable in society: housing, education, energy, sustainable transport, air quality and the impelling need for constitutional reform. Unfortunately, the two parties have avoided real  and sensitive issues which really impact on people.  There was hardly any mention of the plague that is precarious work. We instead revealed the scandal going on at Playmobil. Playmobil pay and treat their factory workers very well. But then they resort to a little trick through sub-contracting work with abysmal pay. We insist that precarious work should be eradicated from our country and people should be paid decent salaries for their work.  Whilst the government does nothing to remedy this particular situation, we ask  Playmobil to do the decent thing: pay their subcontractors more so that these in turn can pay the home workers at the very least least the minimum wage.”

“Finally, I would like to thank our ten candidates who have chosen to put themselves at the service of our country as well as those thousands of Maltese who have been supporting us and who will, next Saturday, be casting their vote in favour of a clean Malta, both environmentally and ethically. On Saturday, Vote Green, Vote clean.”