Violence in the Middle East will stop when Palestine is free



With regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalation in the Middle East,  AD Secretary General Ralph Cassar who attended an activity by the Palestine Solidarity Network in Valletta said:

“Alternattiva Demokratika reiterates its position against the setting up of Israeli settlements in occupied territory and against the harsh and cruel occupation of Palestine by Israel. The spiral of violence in the Middle East is an obvious consequence of the Israeli military occupation of Palestine.”

The killing of three Israeli students and the consequent revenge through the killing of a Palestinian youth is a disgrace. This, however, can never justify Israel’s policy of collective punishment. The Israeli occupation, the repeated use of collective punishment, the daily humiliation and murder of Palestinians and the land theft by Israeli settlers will only continue to make a long lasting solution to this conflict improbable.

The deep sense of injustice and frustration felt by the people of Palestine because of the harsh realities of the occupation of Palestine by Israel needs resolution and the attention of the international community, which has turned its back on the plight of Palestinians for too long.