Recipes for successful local councils

As the election day of March 10 draws nearer, the local council electoral campaigns are intensified. Debates about local governance will also intensify and the main talking point is funding. It will always boil down to money.
The Labour Party says local councils are not getting enough money while the Nationalist Party argues that local councils never got so much. Failed local councils claim they could do little with limited resources while successful councils boast their accomplishments. The truth is that money does not grow on trees and the recipe for a successful local council contains, among other things, a sustainable budget.
As a prospective councillor, I will focus on how to embark on co-funded projects, whether with the national government or European Union, to get effective results for my locality. Improving infrastructure, embellishment projects and organising events will be ever more possible through such strategies.

Friday, February 17, 2012 , by Andrè Vella, Balzan