Realta' Case: AD supports Camilleri and Vella Gera in upcoming appeal

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party expressed its support of Mark Camilleri and Alex Vella Gera in the forthcoming appeal launched by the Attorney General on the Realta’ case, following their acquittal by the courts of justice.

Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer spokesperson for Civil Rights and Culture, said: “Freedom of expression is a cornerstone of democracy and therefore is indispensable in a democratic and European society. Malta’s out-dated laws on censorship are a contradiction to this. Alternattiva Demokratika empathizes with and supports Mark Camilleri and Alex Vella Gera in their appeal hearing. A confessional PN and a Labour Party which hardly ever takes a clear stand are already more than enough for Malta, let alone an Attorney General who appeals these types of decisions”.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said: “As a Green Party AD believes in a truly democratic, secular and progressive society where diversity is celebrated and protected within a context of pluralism, reciprocal respect and civil liberties. Freedom of the press and the modernisation of censorship laws are indispensable for such a society”