Protect our public land – Vote Green, Vote Clean

During a press conference in Sliema AD Chairperson, Arnold Cassola, said: “We have to protect our public land.The land belongs to our children and grandchildren and we have no right to sell it off. The MIDI project in Tigne is a perfect example of how things should not be done. There were supposed to be four squares in the original project.  We have been left with only one and an immense concrete slum, that is aesthetically nauseating, whilst also ruining the World Heritage Valletta skyline.  We must ensure that these ghastly mistakes are not repeated with the proposed high rises in Town Square and Fort Cambridge.  The residents in Sliema, Qui Si Sana and Tigne’ deserve to breathe clean air, enjoy open spaces and traffic free zones”.

Danika Formosa, candidate on the 9th and 10th districts, said: “The residents in Gzira are also being buried under a number of projects which include unsustainable highrises.  They have been deprived of a part of the Gzira coast which is going to be privatised for the benefit of four hotels in the area.  This is not on. The people of Sliema and Gzira deserve to have a green lung where they can enjoy some open spaces and fresh air free from the building frenzy and congestion that is always on the increase. Alternattiva Demokratika is proposing that since the MIDI developers have not adhered to the terms of their contract, Manoel Island should be returned to the state, who should then declare it as a car free national park for one and all to enjoy”.

Marc’ Andrea Cassar, AD candidate on the 1st district, further stated:”Both the PN and the PL were in favour of giving Manoel Island to MIDI. Nowadays, everyone understands the impact of such a short sighted decision. Likewise, the development in Tigne should have included a number of public squares. Instead, there is now only one public square, and many flats!” Unfortunately, things have not changed. The PN and PL’s electoral generosity has now even led certain land owners in Bahrija to request their land to be listed as a development zone.”

“This system which awards strong lobbies must be resisted and rejected. The strongest message you can give is through voting for consistency and credibility – Vote Green, Vote Clean.”