2015 Pride: Education key to inclusive and accepting society


On the occasion of the 2015 Pride, Monique Agius from AD-LGBTIQ (a group within Alternattiva Demokratika which focuses on policies effecting the lesbian, gay, bi, trans*, inter* and queer community); acknowledged that where equality legislation is concerned, Malta has made huge steps forward with the introduction of civil union legislation, which is marriage in all but name, which was followed by GIGESC (the gender identity law). AD and AD-lgbtiq are happy to note that in recent years some of the most progressive moves in terms of LGBTIQ rights and which AD had proposed in its electoral manifesto have been implemented.

With regards to GIGESC, the legislation has been welcomed by AD but this has to be backed up with awareness and education since laws on their own do not change social attitudes. Furthermore, laws do not exist in a vacuum and it is imperative for the legislative mechanism to reach the individuals this law seeks to empower. There are also other areas which still need to be effectively addressed within the educational, health, legal and other sectors in order to ensure that the LGBTIQ community does not continue to face discrimination and other forms of injustice.

AD and AD-lgbtiq would also like to see efforts stepped up to combat transphobia and for the Maltese society to really become an inclusive society. AD-lgbtiq will continue to serve on the LGBT council to see these and other actions are implemented.