"Je suis Charlie.. even in Malta", says AD

Ralph Cassar

In view of the ruling by the Local Governance Board with regards to the freedom of expression of Local Councillors, AD chairperson, Prof. Arnold Cassola, said: “We cannot but applaud the President, Joe Mifsud, and the Local Governance Board for having taken the only plausible decision that can be taken in a democratic system. Local councillors not only have a right but even a duty to inform their constituents of their opinions on political matters, including on the referendum for the abolition of spring hunting, the Local Governance Board has ruled today.”

“The pathetic attempt by the FKNK officials to try and silence H’Attard councillor Ralph Cassar (AD), and Vice-Mayor Marco Spiteri (PN) and by extension the voices of those who do not agree with them confirms their anti-democratic credentials and indeed gives an extra motivation to vote LE to all those who believe in freedom of speech. “Je suis Charlie” not only in Paris, but even in Malta”.