Traffic: AD asks for effective and real solutions


Referring to today’s comments by Transport Minister Joe Mizzi during the inauguration of new Marsamxett ferries, AD spokesperson on energy, transport and industry Ralph Cassar appealed for a wide consultation with civil society to move as fast as possible towards the drawing up and implementation of a sustainable mobility plan for the whole country.

Ralph Cassar said:”The increased capacity on ferry services between Sliema and Valletta is a positive development. Improvements in mass public transportation is always a step forward, however we wish to see more integration between different forms of transport, with, for example, common tickets which can be used on different services.”

“Making mobility more sustainable includes the investment of car license fee income in public transport, infrastructure for commuting by bicycles or electric bicycles, and in pedestrianisation. Does the Minister have what it takes to save our most polluted areas from the social, environmental and serious health issues?”

“The hard truth is that the traffic problem has not been tackled, neither in the past 20 years, nor now. PL and PN politicians are fixated on building more roads and increasing parking in heavily congested and polluted areas. It is an elementary fact that such policies have in fact led to worsening the situation. It is time to move from populist policies and promises to real action.”