Local Councils: AD polls an average of 3.35% of votes in Councils contested


Following the Local Council elections, Alternattiva Demokratika Chaiperson, Prof. Arnold Cassola, said: “We would like to thank all our voters and even those who gave us a preference in the seven local councils we contested for the trust they put into Alternattiva Demokratika and its candidates. Whilst it is a pity that we could not find candidates ready to contest in AD’s name in 27 of the 34 Local Councils, we managed to obtain an average percentage of 3.35% in the seven local councils contested. We elected one councillor, Ralph Cassar, in H’Attard.”

“We contested Qala and Zebbug for the first time. In the other five localities we registered a slight increase in the amount of votes we had obtained in previous elections. Whilst not being something out of this world, in the polarised Maltese political scenario, a 3.35% result represents a dignified and respectable portion of the Maltese and Gozitan electorate, which is not to be ignored”.

Individual locality 1st count vote and percentage

Hal Qormi 104 1%
Il-Qala 24 1.5%
In-Nadur 46 1.6%
H’Attard 492 7.3%
San Giljan 234 5.4%
San Pawl il-Bahar 275 3.5%
Haz-Zebbug 218 3.1%

Total average percentage on the 7 LCs = 3.35%