PN Government to blame for years of neglect in energy sector


Maltatoday’s report [1] that the European Commission was preparing to take Malta to the European Court of Justice over the emissions from the Marsa power station, confirms what AD has been warning all along.

AD Spokesperson on Energy, Transport and IT, Ralph Cassar and AD candidate for the 7th and 11th Districts said: “The PN government has neglected the energy sector and kept the Marsa Power Station functioning for years on end even though it had promised to close it on completion of the first Delimara plant in the 1990s. The PN government then promised it would close Marsa in 2004 , and finally was supposed to close it in 2011. In the meantime the highly polluting station is still in operation putting people’s health seriously at risk”.

“Should Malta get fined for its negligence it won’t be Lawrence Gonzi who will pay. As usual the country will have to carry the burden. We are in this situation because of a lack of long term planning and the habit of leaving things to the last minute. Populist politics where important subjects such as energy take the backburner means that people are paying with their health.”

“The reality is that this country needs heavy investment in renewable energy, a shift to cleaner burning gas and an emphasis on incentivising efficiency in energy use. There is also the massive Enemalta debt to pay.”