No to Bahrain Formula One race: Democracy and Individual liberties should prevail over money interests

Alternattiva Demokratika is asking the Maltese government to speak openly against the holding of next week’s Formula One Grand Prix race in Bahrain.

Prof. Arnold Cassola, AD spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, said: “Despite the lack of real democracy in Bahrain, where hundreds of people have been detained and are repressed, strong pressure is being made so that the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix still goes on because scores of millions of euros are at stake. The Maltese government and the international community cannot accept such reasoning. What is good for the Libyan, Tunisian, Egyptian and Syrian goose is also good for the Bahrain gander. Not holding the Formula One Grand Prix in the Gulf state will be a clear signal of the international community that the respect of basic human rights is a must for all states”.