AD – Green Party says "Let’s talk sense on migration"

Prof. Arnold Cassola, Alternattiva Demokratika Spokeserson on EU and International Affairs, said that “it is good to hear that Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini has dissociated the Italian government from the ‘stupid’ declaration by Junior Minister Stefano Saglia, threatening to cancel the energy link between Malta and Italy. Blackmailing tactics and attitudes only befit despots like Gaddafi rather than to members of civilised governments, as the Italian one has traditionally been”.

Prof. Cassola said that “on the home front, it is worrying to see that the Partit Laburista is still insisting that ‘The PL believes that whilst respecting human dignity, Malta should never let others abuse of it and we should safeguard our national interest, just like other countries are doing’. PL Leader Dr Joseph Muscat has praised Italy for not having accepted to host migrants rescued from drowning. Can Dr. Muscat and PL spokesperson Dr. Michael Falzon please give us concrete examples of what they mean by ‘safeguarding the national interest, like other countries are doing’?”

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said that “Italy and Malta should work together, and not against each other, to ensure that other EU countries are finally persuaded that the much vaunted concepts of solidarity, responsibility sharing and mutual help do not remain empty words but are translated into concrete actions.”