Munxar and Xlendi deserve green councillor

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party said that Munxar and Xlendi
deserve to have a green councillor, after AD’s candidate narrowly missed
being elected by a mere 2 votes in the last election. AD said that the
election of Michael Bajada will ensure that the local council will truly be
there for residents.

Munxar and Xlendi residents are up in arms against the attitude of the
Munxar Council and Xlendi hamlet committee due to the fact that the
residents’ rights and needs have been neglected over the years.

Michael A. Bajada, AD candidate for Munxar and Xlendi Local Council
election said: “Two common complaints from residents living in Ir-Rumani
Street in Xlendi is the substandard state of the roads. These people have
to endure hard times to travel from their homes in winter with mud and deep
potholes in their street and in dry weather dust. In the last six years
these residents have been appealing to the Munxar Local Council and Xlendi
hamlet committee to surface their street with proper tarmac, but their
appeal fell on deaf ears.”

“Road infrastructure in Munxar needs work especially in Ta’ Rinota,
Andrijiet, Damasku and Tarsu Streets. These are all in dire need of
resurfacing. They were last surfaced twelve years ago with just the first
coat of tarmac, and were left like this all these years with drainage
suction covers higher than the road surface. As a result numerous potholes
have emerged. Undoubtedly this surface needs to be uplifted and redone

“Another common complaint is the absence of proper bus stop shelter for
school children and the general public in Munxar, which is the missing link
to the good service of Arriva. Munxar residents have been left without bus
shelters for many years in winter to endure hail, rain and wind while in
summer the hot sun. Munxar have two main bus stops that must have a bus
shelter each immediately; in Profs Guze’ Aquilina street and the Church

“Of course there are other issues that need attention. Going door to door
in my locality gave me the knowledge about which issues to prioritize. If
elected I will prioritize the rights and needs of Munxar and Xlendi
residents for better quality of life in our locality.”

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said: “The election of Michael Bajada in
Munxar and Xlendi will ensure that the local council will surely be there
for all residents in the locality. Environmental protection, public
transport, proper roads and infrastructure and quality of life will be
given top priority by Michael Bajada, and he will ensure that irresponsible
actions such as the throwing of cement on the cliffs, as was the case with
the previous Mayor, does not take place. Alternattiva Demokratika – The
Green Party is autonomous from lobbies such as big developers, and this
enables us to truly defend residents’ rights.”