Middle East: AD welcomes Hamas – Israel truce

Alternattiva Demokratika welcomes the agreement on a truce between Israel and Hamas in the wake of five days of violence which has seen numerous victims from both sides.

Prof. Arnold Cassola, AD spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, stated: “It is good that both Hamas and the Israeli authorities have come to their senses and agreed to a ceasefire, which can only be of benefit to the Israeli and Palestinian people. Unfortunately, this truce -like many others before it- is not a formal agreement. The Maltese government should therefore exert all its diplomatic pressure in Tel Aviv and Ramallah to encourage the state of Israel and all Palestinian factions to agree to a permanent ceasefire and embark on a process which will lead to the mutual recognition of both states, with safe borders for both”.

Prof. Cassola concluded: “In the aftermath of the Jasmine revolution in the Maghreb area, the international community looks forward to a lasting revolution for peace in the Middle East”.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said: “AD believes that both Israelis and Palestinians, irrespective of the religious background or identity, have the right to live in peace and stability. For this reason we support the two-state solution”.