MEPA sides with developers in Sliema, again

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party said that MEPA once again decided to take the side of big developers by granting permission for a massive 100-apartment block at the Sliema ferries (ex-Forestals site).

Michael Briguglio, AD chairperson and Sliema Local Councillor, who was present for the MEPA meetings said that Mepa totally disregarded the appeal by AD, Sliema local council and NGOs for an environment impact assessment.

“MEPA once again took a selective and apologetic approach and ignored the cumulative impact of the development in terms of traffic, pollution, congestion and other factors”.

“AD once again reiterates that the environment is a political issue. We have the MEPA we deserve, but we can change things through our vote”.

“AD notes that the PN and PL representatives on the MEPA board voted in favour of the development”.