MEPA should take a decision on the Marfa Action Plan

MEPA should take a decision on the Marfa Action Plan. This was stated by Carmel Cacopardo, Deputy Chairperson and Spokesperson on Sustainable Development and Home Affairs of Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party, when commenting on Friday’s (28/6/2013) landmark decision by Mr Justice Ellul on illegal development in Armier.

AD considers that 11 years after a public consultation was carried out by MEPA it is about time that a revised Action Plan is published. The Action Plan addresses the issues in the area which are not just those related to illegal developement but also involve the protection of historical fortifications dating back to the Knights of St John. The Marfa Action Plan, added Cacopardo, which draft was published in June 2002, is also of considerable relevance to Tourism and Recreation activity in the Area.

In view of the landmark decision on Mr Justice Ellul, Alternattiva Demokratika considers, concluded Cacopardo, that it is now imperative that MEPA and the Lands Department act immediately.