Maltese voters living abroad should vote in embassies

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party said it is high time that Maltese voters living abroad should vote in their respective embassies.

Prof. Arnold Cassola, AD Spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, said: “In view of the Air Malta Chairman’s reasonable declaration that Air Malta cannot afford footing the bill for cheap flights to Malta for next General elections and in view of the 2003 Constitutional Court definition of residence as “not necessarily physical presence” in Malta, Alternattiva Demokratika is asking the electoral commission to ensure that polling booths are set up in the Maltese Embassies present in European capitals to ensure that all Maltese citizens can exert their legitimate right as Maltese citizens”.

Michael Briguglio said: “It is about time that Malta’s electoral process adopts methods similar to those of established democracies. This also includes the right of Maltese voters living abroad to vote in respective embassies. It is ironic that the parties in parliament are fossilized in systems and methods which are based on mistrust”.