Maltapost continues to defy the Electoral Commission

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Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson, Prof. Arnold Cassola, said: “The Electoral commission has today reiterated that ‘an arrangement with Maltapost plc was reached earlier this month whereby electoral application forms continue to be accepted and delivered by Maltapost plc to the Electoral Commission free of postal charges to the sender. In fact, such charges are being incurred by the Electoral Commission.’”


Despite this, Maltapost has today reconfirmed that it is not delivering these applications to the Electoral Commission. In an email to interested parties today, the Maltapost official wrote: ‘Kindly note that  the Chief Electoral Commissoner informed us that the postage is free when using the Business Reply Service. Private envelopes are charged with local rates.’


Prof. Cassola concluded: “The Electoral Commission has not printed and distributed any envelopes for Business Reply Service. What is Maltapost’s interest in hindering the registration of legitimate voters on the electoral list by 29 March? We are again informing the EP representative in Malta of Maltapost’s obstacles towards the registration of citizens on the electoral list.”