Malta in Recession

Reacting to official statistics which show that the Maltese economy is in recession, Michael Briguglio, Chairperson of Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party, said: “It is becoming increasingly evident that Malta’s economic model, which is over-dependent on unsustainable models such as overreliance on construction, needs to change track. It is true that Malta cannot avoid certain economic problems such as those generated by the global economy, given Malta’s small size.”

“Yet, at the same time, bold decisions need to be taken to ensure that Malta’s economy does not go into further trouble in the years to come. In particular, Malta should adopt a green new deal to ensure that economic, social and ecological imperatives are met.”

“Sustainable areas with high value added and which generate green jobs, such as alternative energy, IT, education, caring services, research and environmental services, should be given priority over others characterised by speculation, such as construction for real estate. As of now Malta should read the writing on the wall regarding overdependence on dirty energy from oil and the reckless use of water.”

“Fiscal measures against waste of water and penalising leaving properties vacant, from third vacant property onwards, should couple progressive taxation, so as to avoid a deficit upsurge”.

“It is now clear that reliance on precarious employment and increased exploitation of workers does not guarantee economic stability. To the contrary, the state has an important role to play for an efficient economy coupled with social justice and environmental protection”.

The Green New Deal