Malta and Human Rights

Alternattiva Demokratika deplores the fact that Malta has failed to condemn the violation of human rights in Bahrain.

Prof. Arnold Cassola, AD spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, said: “For the first time last week 28 countries including Mexico, Norway, Costa Rica, France, and Germany, condemned ongoing violations in Bahrain through a joint collective declaration during a UN Human Rights Council debate. Unfortunately, Malta joined the United States, the United Kingdom and six other EU members – Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden – in not supporting the joint initiative.”

Prof. Cassola concluded: “The Maltese government should act on its principles in a consistent manner rather than offering cheap talk. It is shameful that we have failed to pronounce ourselves on the treatment of political prisoners in this country. Limited economic interests should never prevail over illegalities and human rights abuses which are unacceptable in a democratic world”.