Making Gżira more attractive

Gżira is a town/suburb with heavy traffic as it is utilised by many as a “go through” area and not as a final destination. It should be everyone’s objective to make Gżira a safe, viable and attractive stopping zone for family, friends and tourists alike.

To do this, a newly elected local council should make it its priority to include in its vision this goal while incorporating at its core level the basic and common good of its people. This is not an easy task and will have to go beyond the partisan politics which has sometimes characterised this town in the past. A balance would have to be sought among its newly elected council and residents.

This means that there is a lot to be done still even though a lot of progress has already been achieved.

Roads and pavements have to be safe and not left in a state of disrepair. Open spaces should be improved for the benefit of parents, their children and others alike. Deciduous trees should be planted where possible to attract those seeking shelter and a place of relaxation.

The environment in each and every street should be improved to enhance the quality of life. Plants and shrubs could be given to families to display in front of their houses. Cleanliness should be envisaged by each and every household, through policies that enhance civic pride.

A newly elected local council should work hand in hand with residents, who should be consulted and actively involved in the running of the council, where civic pride comes before partisan interests. This is the only way to move forward and is how different sides of the political spectrum can get closer.

The Gżira local council should be fully accessible to the poor, marginalised, the socially excluded, the chronically sick, the disabled, the old, and to all those who suffer in silence. Also, to all the foreigners, whether black, yellow or white, who have taken residential refuge in our locality (while working in Malta) and experiencing hardship or problems of any nature. In short, the Gżira local council should prioritise civic pride, solidarity and responsibility.

As Gżira candidate of Alternattiva Demokratika – the green party, I am ready to help.

 Leonard Schembri, Candidate for Gzira Local Elections, AD -The Green Party
The Times 20 January 2012