KSU should ensure good governance

Following the Auditor General’s ruling on the University Student Council’s (KSU) use of Student House, Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh – Green Youth has voiced its disapprobation of KSU conduct in recent years and calls on the University of Malta and KSU to regularise the situation at the earliest possible opportunity without losing the administrative and executive autonomy of student representation.

Reuben Zammit, ADZ Chairperson, said: “It is particularly disheartening that the Auditor General’s ruling confirms what has long been affirmed by various student organisations for the last several years, that is that KSU’s leasing arrangements were neither accountable nor transparent. Instead of regularising their position in relation to Student House by law or adopting more ethical practices, KSU has chosen to shy off such accusations and has failed to commit to rectify the situation. KSU’s administration of the property entrusted to it should observe the principles of good governance to avoid abuse and for the benefit of the whole student body.”

“Such incidents of cavalier behaviour consolidates our belief that the current electoral system, where the winner takes all, is failing. A proportional representation system should be adopted at both University and Junior College, where all students and their diverse
interests are represented in their own council. This would hopefully lead to fairer and more competent student councils.”