Gonzi's hypocrisy on IVF – Ralph Cassar

Lawrence Gonzi will be remembered as the Prime Minister who refused to legislate on divorce and transferred Parliament’s sovereignity to the people. When the people’s decision went contrary to his own wishes he still voted against divorce legislation.

Joseph Muscat waited to see where the wind was blowing. Sitting on the fence is his speciality.

The same is happening on IVF.

While Gonzi and his party oppose freezing of fertilised eggs citing moral reasons, at the same time they are now proposing allowing three fertilised eggs to be transferred into the womb. They prefer the ‘morality’ of multiple pregnancies with the increased risks of miscarriages, babies dying at birth and risking the health of mothers than freezing a small number of fertilised eggs.

Taking decisions and drawing the line on complex scientific and ethical issues is never easy but, in this case, they are choosing to risk the lives of both mothers and babies. They depict the regulated and controlled freezing of fertilised eggs as immoral while unashamedly closing their eyes to increased risk of morbidity and mortality of mothers and babies.

As usual, Muscat sits on the fence. In contrast, with AD you know where you stand.


Ralph Cassar, Secretary General, Alternattiva Demokratika – ralph.cassar@alternattiva.org.mt