First the land, now the sea – Ralph Cassar

Instead of discussing how to redirect the construction industry to the rehabilitation, restoration and regeneration of tens of thousands rundown, abandoned and derelict buildings and areas around Malta and Gozo, Joseph Muscat, fresh from Dubai, resurrects a proposal by the equally construction-addicted Nationalist Party. He is now peddling “land reclamation” as some kind of panacea.

Land reclamation has been used to build quays, roads and whatnot along parts of the coast, especially in industrialised areas and harbours and ports. But Dr Muscat is not talking about this, he is trying to impress by proposing something grander.

He wants to dump rubble in shallow areas of the coast to build blocks of flats. He wants to continue the destruction and frenzied building started on land and pushed by PN policies, only he wants to go further and turn to the sea instead.

No rational person, let alone ecologists, can support these people. They only understand the language of the ballot box. If you want a change in mentality, vote Green.

Ralph Cassar, secretary general, Alternattiva Demokratika, Attard