"Fair broadcasting required during elections" AD

In a letter sent to the Broadcasting Authority (BA), Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party asked the Authority to ensure fair broadcasting in the eventuality of general elections. In reply, Pierre Cassar, CEO of the BA, said that this will be discussed by the board during the next meeting.

Ralph Cassar, AD General Secretary, said: “In view of the possible impending national elections, AD has asked the the Broadcasting Authority to issue a directive that all TV stations, and
in particular to One TV and Net TV, that in any future national election campaign representatives of all political parties are to be invited on all programmes debating issues related to the election campaign. The policy upheld till now, to allow NET and ONE to exclude the representatives of AD, goes against the basic tenets of democracy and pluralism which are advocated by the EU, which Malta forms part of”.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said: “The Broadcasting Authority board comprises representatives of the Nationalist and Labour parties, and it excludes representatives from the Green Party and from civil society. When AD will be asked to participate in meetings on political broadcasts, we will do our utmost to ensure fair broadcasting during the elections. Maltese society deserves fair play in order that voters can make informed decisions”.

In the meantime, AD appointed Carmel Cacopardo and Andre Vella to represent it in BA meetings on political broadcasts.