EU slams Government on emissions, renewables

The Marsa power station should have been closed in 1994 - that's what was promised.

The lack of vision of this government in improving air quality, environmental and public health protection has been confirmed by the lack of progress in the areas of emissions from power plants, packaging waste legislation and renewable energy, as highlighted by the European Commission.

Ralph Cassar spokesperson for Energy, IT and transport said: “This is not an issue where the EU is imposing on Malta, it is an issue of a government which has failed to adhere to commitments it agreed to itself. It is an issue of ignoring or feet dragging in areas which affect directly people’s well being, health and quality of life. It is an issue of promising to close down Marsa Power Station way back in 1994. Massive investment in renewables never took off, with the result that the Maltese economy is held hostage to the whims of oil producing countries. It also means that the people in the south of Malta are being subjected to experiments on a prototype power plant burning heavy fuel oil. What is scary is that even Labour is addicted to dirty energy and keeps mentioning a coal burning plant with ‘carbon capture’ and peddling it as a ‘clean technology’. The only real and effective answer to this situation which will make these parties sit up and listen is to vote AD – it’s the only language they understand.”

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson said: “Beyond token gestures, cheap rhetoric and energy populism of other parties, Alternattiva Demokratika insists that Malta should adopt a green new deal at the earliest. This would ensure that Malta’s economy adopts a green direction, is less dependent on dirty and costly fossil fuels, and gives top priority to renewable energy. This will not only create green jobs, but will ensure that Malta’s strategic energy needs are met. As things stand Malta remains the laggard of Europe, being totally dependent on dirty energy”.