Desperate big boys – Ralph Cassar


It is quite amusing to observe how desperate the big boys can become. The PN and its hangers on in the media have already started the usual ‘we are the only alternative’ narrative. The reality is that whatever the electoral system, whatever their rhetoric and despite a desperate attempt to greenwash some of their policies, the only way to show them the middle finger is through the ballot box.

Of course, most would say that there are a host of other reasons to shake the PLPN system. I can remind you of the mass destruction of PN policies in the environmental field. Their refusal to acknowledge that poor people need a decent wage, the selling off of the public housing stock, their disastrous transport policies, leading to dirty and polluted air and congested towns and villages. Faces have changed but the policies have remained basically the same.

You have to be naive not to realise that they do not really mean what they say, that Muscat lied trough his teeth when promising a ‘different kind of politics’ and that Busuttil is just pandering to the gullible, with all the usual cronies waiting in the wings. Maybe one day we’ll have real, proper and fruitful discussions in Parliament rather than the usual ‘min għandu l-akbar banana’ theatrics.