ADŻ Green Youth is the youth wing of ADPD and is committed to green principles, environmental protection, social justice and social cohesion principles with special emphasis on respect for human and civil rights. ADŻ Green Youth focal work is based on a trifocal thrust on:

Discrimination Issues

Environmental Safeguard and Sustainability

Promotion of Human Rights

ADŻ obtained full membership in the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) in Oxford, UK in March 2004. The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) has an important role in the building of a global network of young green organizations and ADŻ is willing and eagerly proven over the past years its ability to participate in pan-European campaigns and serve as a national multiplier on Green issues.

ADŻ Green Youth also boasts a productive working relationship with the European Youth Forum. Also, members of ADŻ Green Youth are part of an international gender network, an international forestry group and also part of the Euro-Med Platform. In January 2005, ADŻ was accepted as a full member of the National Youth Council (Malta). Since then, ADŻ Green Youth has been actively participating in the National Youth Council policy-formulation process, its national decision-making board and in the regular initiatives and activities organised by the National Youth Council (Malta). ADŻ Green Youth has also partnered several projects with national NGOs.

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