ADPD commits to work on the issues mentioned in the Femifesto

Yesterday, ADPD – The Green Party candidates welcomed the invitation of the Malta Women’s Lobby in discussing their Femifesto at a joint meeting.

During the meeting ADPD candidate Dr. Melissa Bagley (districts 5 & 10) expressed ADPD’s commitment to work on the issues mentioned in the Femifesto. “During this meeting It was clear that there is a lot of overlap between our view of how sexism and misogyny is negatively affecting women and girls in society, and on most of the targeted steps needed to tackle this. As ADPD we commit and look forward to continuing this conversation in the future, it does not stop at the election”, she said.

Party Chairperson, Carmel Cacopardo (districts 4 & 9) commented, “I was disappointed to hear that other parties did not welcome the women’s lobby’s invitation for a dialogue. Dialogue is one of the fundamental needs in our society. If we are not even able to listen to each other, how are we going to work together, how are we going to achieve political consensus and tackle stigma?”