AD welcomes residency requirement, condemns obstinacy

In view of the Prime Minister’s announcement today, AD Chairperson, Prof. Arnold Cassola, said: “We are happy to see that residence has now become a condition before the granting of Maltese and EU citizenship.  It is good to see that such changes will eliminate any breaches of the EU treaties, in particular the article 4.3 on the principle of loyal cooperation.  We deplore the childish and obstinate behaviour of our political leaders who have caused serious damage to our country’s reputation during the past three months.”

“We also call for clear procedures to be put in place so that people who contribute to the country’s development and children with no nationality, who though not rich contribute to this country’s well being are able to apply and be granted citizenship according to clear guidelines and not depend on the Minister’s discretion. May this serve as a good lesson to Maltese politicians for the future: always put our country’s interest before your egoistic political party needs”.

Before commenting further AD will naturally wait cautiously to peruse all technicalities of this new agreement.