AD: Russia and China should withdraw veto on Assad UN condemnation

Alternattiva Demokratika -The Green Party is calling on the Maltese Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to intervene with the Russian and Chinese ambassadors regarding the situation in Syria.

Prof. Arnold Cassola, Alternattiva Demokratika spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, said: “At least 5000 innocent people have already been massacred by the Syrian regime.  A UN resolution condemning the Assad government has been blocked for months by China and Russia (which both have oil concessions in Syria) on the grounds that civilians would be victims if the resolution were approved”.

“In reality, China and Russia’s veto is actually aiding Bashar Al Assad in his brutal repression of innocent civilians and actually giving him a free hand in the torture and killing of defenceless people, including very young children.  A united condemnation of this ruthless dictator is a must”, concluded Prof. Cassola.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson said: “The EU should act as a global leader in direct support of the democratic forces of opposition to the brutal regime in Syria. The EU already agreed on sanctions against the Syrian government”.