AD participates in European Greens Congress

An Alternattiva Demokratika delegation made up of Michael Briguglio, Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer, Angele Deguara and Arnold Cassola has participated in the 4th European Green Party Congress in Paris.

During this Congress, which was addressed by Green French Presidential candidate Eva Joly, Sociologist Anthony Giddens and former Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Isabelle Durant, amongst others, various policy postion papers were approved. The principal approved document is a 12-points Green political proposal, known as The Paris Declaration,  and containing Green Proposals which could lead out of the current financial, social and economic crisis affecting Europe, as well as a roadmap for the refounding of the European project.

Michael Briguglio stated: “Through the Paris Declaration, the European Greens are proposing that the European project needs to find a new sense of direction and purpose. The Greens believe that that increased efforts should be made to save the Euro and to further integrate social, economic and environmental priorities whilst ensuring that the EU is characterised by solidarity and not by national egoisms or cheap populism”.

Amongst the main points of the Paris Declaration, one finds the need to make the Greek debt-burden sustainable; the need to strongly re-regulate Europe’s finance industry; the need to develop a comprehensive European tax strategy, including active fight against tax evasion and limiting avenues for tax avoidance; the need to establish a European Monetary Fund; the making of the EU budget an instrument of economic policy, which will create a strong and relevant European Treasury; the need to put EU2020 targets on an equal footing with the stability and growth, and financial targets; More effective pricing of CO2 through a move to a 30% CO02 emissions cut by 2020, and the implementation of an energy transition to renewable energies, out of nuclear and fossil-fuels.

Other documents, in particular on  the way forward in respect of Climate Change as well as on the Arab Spring, were produced.  During this Congress the Hungarian parliamentary Party LMP was voted in as a full member of the European Green Party.  A resolution advocating women’s right to abortion in Europe was also approved.

Prof Arnold Cassola  stated: “Alternattiva Demokratika has spoken strongly against the abortion resolution and – despite being in a minority- has had its strong opposition vote registered in the minutes of the debates. As always, Alternattiva Demokratika has remained consistent in its beliefs and addressed the EGP Congress openly, criticising in particular the French and Swedish Greens for their stand in trying to dictate to others what they believe in.  Although a majority voted for the motion, the Irish Greens as well as some Austrian delegates joined Alternattiva Demokratika in voting against it. In addition a substantial number of delegates from other parties abstained”.