AD is full square behind Swieqi Council on preventive security

Prof Arnold Cassola , AD spokesperson and Swieqi resident noted with satisfaction that the Swieqi Local Council is endorsing AD’s call for a stronger but discreet police presence in the Swieqi area to serve as a deterrent against any form of violence or vandalism.

“We believe that the residents of this locality, which has now grown to over 10000 residents, have a right to live serenely without having to worry about restless nights and acts of vandalism to their property”.

Solange Sant Fournier, AD candidate for Swieqi Local Council reiterated, “we need a permanent police station in Swieqi to protect the needs of the community in the Swieqi, Ibrag, Madliena and St. Andrew’s area. Alternattiva Demokratika is full square behind the Swieqi Local Council on this issue”.