AD in support of co-education state college

AD would like show its support for the introduction of co-education in one of the state colleges.

Mario Mallia, spokesperson for education for Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party insisted that a truly inclusive education cannot keep segregating boys and girls. In line with its electoral programme for the last general election, AD feels that co-ed provides an opportunity for boys and girls to grow together and therefore understand each other better.

This provision makes more sense especially within a predominantly single child family context that limits interaction between girls and boys. Having said that however, Mallia warned, the inherent inequalities between the sexes that exist in wider society end up being perpetrated and reinforced in co-ed schools. For this to be avoided, ongoing critical education and training should be an essential component. This implies an engagement not just by the college staff but also with and by parents. AD also feels that a gender policy needs to be articulated by the educational community. All this should break the vicious socialization circle that perpetuates systematic inequalities between women and men.

Finally, AD feels the need for the provision to be investigated as it unfolds. This should help the wider educational community learn from the experience.