AD condemns decision to reopen trapping season


Following the publishing of two legal notices permitting the trapping of seven finch species plus golden plovers and song thrushes, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party strongly condemned this decision.

“It is unacceptable to say the least for the present government to reopen bird trapping for over 33, 000 wild birds when this is illegal under EU law plus goes counter to Malta”s Accession Treaty. To add insult to injury, such a case is already referred to the European Court of Justice by the Commission. Not only is the government disrespecting and ignoring both EU legislation and warnings, but showing no commitment towards nature protection by allowing such an unjustifiable practice to occur. AD is therefore calling upon Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella to take interim measures in order to stop this unsustainable practice once and for all. Finally AD calls upon both PL and PN to stop their rhetorical speech on sustainability, nature protection and environment and instead put their words to practice. We expect a government who acts accordingly in favour of nature protection plus the PN in opposition to make its position clear and not sit on the fence. Can PN make its position official and declare if it is in favour or against bird trapping?” concluded Simon Galea, spokesperson Animal Welfare and Agriculture.